It has never been a greater time to be an entrepreneur than today. As long as you have concretized your passion and have the determination to stick with it thru and thru, you will go the distance. But you may ask, “What about the actual logistics in starting or sustaining the business?” A lot of technical aspects may be discussed but let me provide you with one of the most important assets in running your own business–human resources. But then again you might go, “I haven’t even started making a profit and now you want me to focus on hiring people?” Yes, amigo.

Now before you go frantic about this, listen to this: you don’t need people, you only need one. You only need a virtual assistant to increase your margins and soar your way to profit heaven. Here are five ways on how your virtual assistant can help you achieve these:


  1. You need an extra hand (sets of hands, actually). From screening and replying to important emails to scheduling meetings to making travel arrangements to sending invoices, all these consume a lot of time and it gets overwhelming without you making a progress to what really matters in making your business float. You need the skill of a VA to do all these for you.
  2. You need to focus on your forte. As you free yourself from the tasks mentioned above, you have more time to handle major tasks. You can now use your precious hours to develop a partnership with another company or innovate a better product for your clients in a specific demographic. The more productive you have the more profit for you in the end.
  3. Your customers need some lovin’. Just like administrative tasks, answering to frequently asked or basic questions is time consuming and yet shouldn’t be ignored. A virtual assistant can help you keep a respectable image to the outside world by responding with prompt, professional and relevant answers. This translates to more happy customers leading to more loyalty and word of mouth which will eventually lead to an increase in your profit margins.
  4. Your business needs some noise. Electronic marketing is a great and cheap way to promote your business. And what’s a better way partner than an equally affordable VA to do the implementation? S/he can research the correct emails addresses to send those electronic campaigns you have and strategically post on your company’s Faceboook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram accounts. All you have to do is provide your virtual assistant with your marketing plan and set the expectations on the deliverables. This may also include tracking the analytics of your mails–how many have actually read it versus how many deleted it or took an action after receiving your mail.
  5. You look bigger than you really are. With the help of a great VA, you get to accomplish a lot of tasks at a shorter time. You get to transact with your suppliers, partners, clients and potential customers all at the same time. With the correct synergy between you and your virtual assistant, people will think that you are one great company delivering excellent results. You’ve earned their respect and trust without them knowing that you are actually a very lean and mean tandem doing all the work with efficiency and less expenditures.


Hiring a virtual assistant will only cost you a penny. Think about how much time and productivity you’ve gained by having an extra help. Again, more time to spare more money to rake in.


Image credits: http://svrap.cz/