Twitterfeed allows you integrate your blogs to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Whenever you have a new posting, helps by tweeting and linking it to your social media accounts. With the right content and timing, your customers’ enjoyment and ease of access will be maximized thanks to this smart tool.

Now for this topic, I won’t tackle the how-to’s of setting up a Twitterfeed account. You can easily research that kind of information all over the net or heck, you can easily set it up on your own. What I will do now is share 3 tips that will make your Twitterfeed updates more pleasant to your customers’ experience:

      1. Limit updates. If you really have to update a blog several times a day, tweak your settings to do it every 4 hours. Flooding peoples’ wall whether they choose see it or not is as annoying as spamming. One way to avoid too many updates is by making sure that all your contents are edited, re-edited and reviewed several times before publishing. Check the correctness of your spelling, grammar and information over and over again. Ask someone’s eye for details to triple check.
      2. Quality Blogs Only. Share blogs from credible sites. Avoid getting information from or featuring tabloid-type websites. There are so many of them in the net lately that you have to be extra careful in examining the site’s credibility, expertise and years of existence in the industry you are featuring. As for your own content, always maintain professionalism even especially if you feel strongly about certain topics. Contain your emotions and always express your ideas and opinions in a logical and professional manner. Remember, ranting is not classy.
      3. Shorten those links. Use a URL shortening account like in the advanced settings. Having a long link is an eye-sore and waste of characters. Instead, use those limited characters to have a nice description about the link to entice visitors to click your blog.

There you have it! Follow these smart tips and you will have avid followers in no time.