11 Landing Page Ideas To Generate Unlimited Real Estate Leads

Now how do we get those names, email addresses and phone numbers we are dying to have? You might be thinking that a free homebuyer’s guide or listings on the market are great opt-ins. However, these are already passé. There are so many free information floating around the net that offering these in exchange of their valued information will be a flop.

2 Ways to Maximize Your Real Estate Expo Experience

Expositions or expos (we just love the sound of fewer syllables, don’t we?) are public display of goods and services for modern-day trading. Behind each booth is a seller or exhibitor that features his/her unique selling proposition. On the other end are the buyers or visitors strolling freely, looking at each booth and asking the former whatever they fancy asking related to the expo’s feature. Once both sides reach a common ground, they can then close the discussion with further meetings, future orders or even an on-the-spot closing of a sale.